The secret to embracing your body [now]

The other day, a woman at the gym came up to me and asked (and I quote our conversation…)

Her: “How long did it take you to look like this?”

Me: “Like what? You mean how long did it take me to get big shoulders and legs?” (I laugh.)

Her: “Man, I have some big boots to fill.”

**END CONVERSATION** as we jumped into the workout.

Reflecting on this later, I realize I was totally caught off guard. I realized how much of a trigger my “broad shoulders” used to be (another story for another time.) I realized how much growth I’ve gone through to be able to not react to this comment, but instead respond.

In that moment, what I really wanted to do, deep down, was pull up a chair with her and share this…

What if how you are is enough. What if how your body is, right now, is perfect. What if accepting your body, as is, right here right now, is the missing link in your health journey.


Have you ever thought to yourself, I’ll love myself when I lose 10 more lbs.

Or… I just need to lose this belly fat and then I’ll be happy.

Or… if only I could fit into a size small or hit that goal weight – then ALL my problems will be solved.

Can you relate?! Have you ever done this? That feeling of always living in the future. That way of talking ourselves OUT of things because we don’t feel “worthy enough” to have them in this present moment.

That accepting ourselves at where we’re at makes us feel like we’re settling… and so well, I guess let’s just wait until my body is different. Or until I lose 10 lbs. Or, until I’m smaller.

When you do this, we’re attaching to the future outcome, because that’s easier than dealing with the current feelings of unworthiness, of lack of self-trust, of confusion, of frustration.

But here’s the thing…

If you continue to think like this. You will be waiting forever.

Because here’s the truth.

Thoughts like, “I need to look like her before I am capable/deserving/successful” is an illusion. It’s thoughts like these that are responsible for keeping you stuck, spinning your wheels.

It’s the *STORY* we tell ourselves that keep us stuck.

Stories like, “Well, once I reach that weight, I’ll be happy.” Or, “Once I look like her, then I’ll be fit.”

But the REALITY IS, you CAN be happy right now.

You CAN Love your body right now.

You CAN fuel your body with nutrients, and love and passion and you CAN enjoy food and exercising and getting curious about what feels good to your body RIGHT NOW, if you want to.

It’s a state of MIND. It’s your belief system. It’s your internal programming. Simple (but deep) as that.

Because I can guarantee that lowering a number on the scale or a dress size, will not quiet all the negative self-talk going on in your head.

It will not quiet the excuses that we cling to.

Which means even if you HIT your desired physical outcome, your inner depth will not have changed. The superficial cannot rise above inner self-trust.

So let me ask you this…

WHAT IF, your body never changed.

What if INSTEAD you said, I’m done chasing some sort of physical outcome.

I’m done trying to fit into a size or a number or this restrictive BOX.

I’m over *trying* to have the perfect body.

And I just want to feel at peace in my body.

I want to feel good in my body, right now.

Can that be your reality? Absolutely.

In fact — here’s more evidence. I just found this story I wanted to share.

In one of my sessions with a Golden Girl last May, and we’re wrapping up our first 6 weeks together.

I’m not kidding you, the shift she’d made in such a short amount of time blew me away. She was someone that wanted to get out of this box that she’d put herself in because she didn’t’ feel worthy enough to feel good in her body RIGHT now. 

This is what we worked through during our time together.

And during our last few weeks together, she took a quick holiday down to the United States. Here is her share:

“I went shopping with $1,100 to spend and usually I wouldn’t spend any of it because I would just say to myself “I’ll just wait until I lose weight or until I’m a smaller size.” Not this time. Not this time. This time I dropped $1,500 because I felt great in my body and I’m proud of my body.”

HELL. To the YES. Evidence that loving your body right here, right now is one hell of a great option.

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