“OH YES! I absolutely love yo-yo dieting.” Said no woman ever.

<< Rewind 10 years ago, I don’t even want to think about how many hours I burned watching YouTube and social media videos looking for the “secret.”

Because there had to be a secret, right?

You know, promises like:

”The secret to losing weight and getting toned in 30 days or less!”

”Say goodbye to love handles with this fat burning diet!”

“Oh no, you’ve been doing it all wrong! Follow this restrictive meal plan to drop inches fast!”

10 years ago, I was stuck in this cycle, searching for the “secret.” I was distracted by ALL the things and never got the real results I was looking for.

That’s because even though I knew the basics …

I didn’t have a PLAN … an actual GPS map guiding me from where I was, to where I wanted to go.

And where I wanted to go was MUCH deeper and more real than any calorie counting plan could ever offer.

It’s hard to have that clear, big-picture view for yourself of where you are and where you want to get to! But when you finally get it, it can mean:

  • No more false starts
  • No more time-sucking detours
  • No more vicious cycles that lead to burnout
  • No more unsustainable, restrictive yo-yo diets

Because here’s the thing…

The real results I was searching for had nothing to do with the food I was eating, the workouts I was hammering or the changes I wanted to see in my body.

It had EVERYTHING to do with understanding why I make the decision I do, how I’ve been programmed & how can I choose food and workouts from an EMPOWERED place. A place that feels aligned to me. Not to someone else.

This is the principal which AfterGlow has been built on.

I created The G-L-O-W Method: your roadmap to making peace with your body, food & exercise – to be your own personal GPS!

I created this program based on what has helped ME to understand my own internal programming, the way I’m wired, the reason I DO the things I do, the reason I eat the way I DO, the patterns unconsciously on repeat that sabotage my success.

And most importantly, I created this program because it helped me realize that until I healed certain parts of me, I would stay forever stuck in the yo-yo, instant gratification diet world.

Now, I’m fired up to help other women do the same.

Instead of focusing on all the things you need to change/are wrong with you/that you *think* need fixing –> what if you focused on all the things that felt good to you?

Once you discover how much diet culture is holding you back, you’ll feel grounded planting new roots as you explore what a brighter, healthier and more aligned version of you feels like.

You ready? 🌻

As a Food Freedom Coach, I’m on a mission to help women make peace with their body, food & exercise, so they can experience the results they truly desire.

Struggling on your health journey? Feel like you’re trapped on a hamster wheel & not losing weight is driving you crazy even though you’ve tried EVERYTHING?! 

Book your FREE Golden Girl CONSULTATION now! We’ll dive into where you’re feeling stuck and where you’d like to get to on your health journey. Can’t wait to chat with you more. xo

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