How I run an online business while being a mom first.

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Motherhood + Entrepreneur. Is it possible? This ‘doubt’ is part of the reason why I was scared to start my own business. Because just like you’ve heard me talk about, I really value the important of BALANCE. Balance in my personal life – from nutrition to workouts, to mindset, to personal time, to family life.


It’s real and everyone deals with it in their own way. I’ve felt and overcome this fear. I decided to explore the options and then as my confidence grew [along with my babies], I felt ready to hit the ground running. I removed my mom-guilt by creating a strategy where I could find balance. My strategy intentionally left no space for guilt.

One thing I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I need to feel balance in order to stay grounded. If I feel the pendulum swing too far to one side, I notice myself getting stressed out.

Staying true to this philosophy has really kept me rooted in my purpose. Of course, I could go spend hours and hours working on my business, but would that make me happy? No, because I want to spend time with my family. And vice versa – ignoring my burning desire to help people live happier would make me feel like I was not stepping into my purpose.

So how do I find balance?

Well, I fit my work into the pockets of my life, and not the other way around. My number 1 job is being a mom and a role model to my daughters. With all that goes on in one day, my goal is to stay out of what I call the “overwhelmed-state.”

I’ve found this balance comes down to either I’m in control; or I’m out of control and overwhelmed. There is a sweet spot. Sometimes you have to work harder to find it, but it’s always there.

Complexity is the enemy of execution.”

– Tony Robbins

For example, sometimes I’ll ask myself “how can I make this more simple?” I do my best to avoid over-complicating situations. I’ve found over the years, with kids added to the mix, that being proactive and a master of execution is the best way to stay in control.

I’ve developed the following four habits which I’ve incorporated into my life. They help me juggle motherhood while while running an online business.

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1. Visualization/Meditating

Visualization/meditating is such a powerful process. Over my last few years of listening, following and connecting with some very successful people – including elite athletes, millionaires and rockstar entrepreneurs – one of the top habits they all have in common is meditating. I speculate that the reason why this practice is more important than ever, is because we are faced with distractions from the moment we wake up to the moment our heads hit the pillow.

When I played college volleyball, we spent a lot of time visualizing. My coach would make us lay down on the change room, turn off the lights and walk us through visualizing practices.

For example, she would say: “visualize the pass. The preparation and follow through. How did it feel? Where are your feet? How low to the ground are you? Where are your shoulders facing? etc.”

I absolutely loved this technique and really enjoyed the power of putting thought into practice. This habit has stayed with me throughout my varsity years and is still with me today.

The power of thoughts: Believe you can and you will.

If there’s something really big coming up, like an event or a meeting, I visualize how the conversation goes, what I say, my posture, my attitude, what I’m saying, what I’m feeling.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick visualization session laying in my bed before sleep, or right before I get out of bed in the morning. However, if you can make meditating a priority and give it at least 10 minutes per day, you will reap the results.

I also incorporate EFT (emotional freedom technique) to release any negative feelings or I’ll do a hypnosis session (which is guided meditation) if I’m working on mindset.

So yes, if you haven’t heard: meditating + mindset work is where it’s at. If you’re not doing it, I highly recommended you start incorporating this habit into your daily routine!

2. Having a schedule & staying consistent

In order to stay consistent, you need to have a plan. We are faced with distractions all day long. This is why it’s really important to stay disciplined and write out a schedule. I schedule all my activities including motherhood duties and business requirements.

I use one of those ‘old-fashioned’ day-timers and a pen. Then, I literally write out all my activities for the day. For example:

A goal without a PLAN is just a wish.


6:30am: Wake up, meditate for 10 minutes. Check and respond to any pressing emails.

7-8am: Cook girls breakfast; Have Greens + Adaptogen; Smoothie; Make coffee; Playtime; Clean up

9-10am: Workout

10-11am: Grocery shop for lunch and dinner.

11:30am-4pm: Day with the girls, lots of activities and fresh air with them (stay present!). Answer a few business messages or emails, if they’re both napping.

5-7pm: Dinner, bath, bed for girls. Do dishes and clean up.

7:15-7:45pm: Catch up on daily emails. Goal setting and schedule activities for coming week.

7:45-8:30pm: Social media activity. Create 5 posts for the coming week.

8:30-8:45pm: New customer call with X.

8:45-9:30pm: Send out follow-up email, debrief meeting and write down any final thoughts for the day.

9:30-10:00pm: Write tomorrow’s schedule ensuring all activities from today get transferred over.

9:30-10:30pm: Wind down, tea, journal or self-development reading, lights out.

*This is just an example of a typical day. No two days are ever alike but I try to stay consistent whenever I can.


Having a schedule is how I stay one step ahead in the game. If I start slacking, then all of a sudden I feel the weight of everything creeping up and BOOM I’m in the overwhelmed state which is NOT a productive place to be, as I talked about above.

A goal without a PLAN is just a wish. So write your activities down and keep yourself accountable.

3. Take some ‘mama’ time!

This step is really important – running a business or not – mamas need some ‘me’ time!

We’re always doing so much for others. Caring for our kids, partners, doing dishes, laundry, mopping, wiping, cooking, oh and also running a business! It seems like the list never ends. I really value just putting everything on ‘pause,’ and dedicating some fun time for me.

Personally, my ‘me’ time is going for a workout. It’s one hour, I put it in my schedule (as shown above) like it’s an appointment so I’m going to show up. I treat it as my time to just put my head down, get my sweat on, clear my head and forget about any worries or problems. The endorphins also help and I always feel more alive than when I got there.

Sometimes I show up and I’m tired and don’t want to be there. But when the clock beeps, I get to work. By the end, I’m awake, laughing and feeling energized. I take that energy with me through the rest of the day and it’s what helps power me through.

With any ‘mama’ time activity that I do, from working out to massage to pedicure, to coffee date – it gives me a mental break for a small period which allows me to come back a stronger, happier, re-energized mom. Ask a friend to babysit, ask your hubby to watch the kids – do what you have to do to schedule that mama time!

4. Know your why.

First let’s start basic. Why do you want to run this business? Is it just for a bit of extra spending cash, cover groceries, pay bills, or are you trying to quit your full-time job? Whatever it is, you need to understand why you’re doing this. What’s carried me through any chaos or down-turns, is knowing my inner ‘why.’

To find this, you’re going to have to go so much deeper than just financial reasons. You’re really going to have to dig, and dig a little more. I love the practice of ‘7 Levels Deep’ learned from Millionaire Dean Graziosi. It’s so powerful and very moving. The root of your why is what will get you through anything. Give this 7 levels deep a try and let me know your experience! I’d love to hear if it helped bring clarity to your deeper why.

Because I don’t want anyone controlling whether or not I can experience moments like this.

Your ‘why’ is what’s going to pick you back up when you’re knocked down. Your ‘why’ is going to be there for you when you want to quit. Your ‘why’s job is to keep you motivated, in line and persevering.

Your ‘why’ should also appear when you need help staying focused. For example, if I’ve succumbed to the ‘scroll hole’ (aka mindless scrolling on my phone), I will catch myself and am quick to remind myself: how is this helping me get to my why? How is this helping me be productive, disciplined and focused?

If I’m working out and stoked on life, I know this is supporting my why. If I’m laughing and giggling with my girls on the bed, I get goosebumps knowing that these moments are my why. I celebrate these freedom notions in my head and then I also redirect myself to stay in tune with my why.

This is what you need to remember on tough days. Everyone has them, but use them as fire to your’ why.’

So there you have it – my four best tips. I hope they have provided you with some framework and practical ways to help you feel confident being the best mom you can be, while crushing your online business. Get after it!

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